Schaller G Series - Keystone SR - Set sdfsdf Fender- Custom Shop - 69 Stratocaster Pickups sdfsd NSF 'Freeway' - 6 position switch
Schaller G Series - Keystone SR - Set
Fender- Custom Shop - 69 Stratocaster Pickups
NSF "Freeway" - 6 position switch

Replacement machine head with 2-screw and banjo bolt as counterfort. Shiny green "keystone" button.

  • All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease for lifetime maintenance-free service.
  • All parts are precision-crafted and surface-finished, the self-locking drive ensures an even, delicate and steady tuning.
  • All string posts are made of high-grade brass and fitted into the housing with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible tuning accuracy and wear resistance.

Fender Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster pickups produce one of the most revered guitar sounds in popular music history, the full, punchy, late 60s blues rock tone that ruled the era from Monterey to the West Coast to Woodstock on the East Coast. Because of the clarity and transparency created by the unique coil wind and magnet structure, the 69 pickup design works especially well with pedals allowing the low end to thump and the high end to soar.

When you first play a guitar with a Free-Way Switch, you might not even realise it is there - the guitar doesn't look any different and the pickup selector feels just like a normal 3-way toggle giving Neck/Both/Bridge selections.

It's only when you realise that the Free-Way Switch also moves into another three forward positions that you understand what the Free-Way is all about
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